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General Membership Meeting – May 12 at 4:30pm

Save the Date!!

Our next General Membership Meeting (GMM) will be held Thursday, May 12th, starting at 4:30pm. You must register in advance in order to attend. We will be taking nominations for the Trustee position as well as nominations for the Local Bargaining Committee, up until the close of the GMM. Once we have a Bargaining Committee elected, we will set up a Local Demands set survey and meeting to review. Nomination forms are attached and can be completed and sent to Cheryl Wing-Staff Rep at

Local By-Laws & Policies will also need to be approved by the membership. Please note: We require quorum to pass the Bylaws!

The role of the Trustee, according to the Constitution, is as follows:
29.6 Trustees
29.6.1 Every Local shall elect an audit committee composed of at least two members to be known as Trustees. The Trustees shall be elected at a general membership meeting from among the members and may not hold any other office in any Local. They shall hold office for a two-year term, but at the first election in a Local the terms may be varied to provide subsequently for overlapping terms.
29.6.2 The Trustees shall examine all books, records, and properties of their Local, including any Unit thereof, at least twice each year. All Officers of the Local are required to make available all necessary documents to the Trustees on reasonable notice. The Trustees shall file an audit report, in a form specified by Headquarters, to Headquarters at least once in every six months and shall also make a full report to the first general membership meeting following each audit.

The Local Bargaining committee will require 6 elected members who will sit on the Committee along with the President of the Local. This committee will work work with members of the Board’s Bargaining Committee to review and make amendments to existing Articles of the Collective Agreement, as well as negotiate new terms. For reference, the terms of the Local Collective Agreement can be found in Part B of the current edition. 

Voting for the Trustee position and the Bargaining Committee positions will be held on May 13th from 6:00am to 6:00pm, with run-off ballots the following week, if needed.